Cultural Capacity Building Webinar Links

The CT Office of the Arts and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Region 1, presented a series of Cultural Capacity Building Webinars for the arts sector in December.   Topics ranged from cooperatives and collaborations to financial strategies and fully secured borrowing as well as resources from the Small Business Administration and Tech Soup.  Below is a full list of links,* resources and contacts from those webinars.

Topic: Arts & Culture Capacity Building Module 1      12.7.2020
Link Part 1
Passcode: WQj^@i5r

Link Part 2
Passcode: dm?pp7Mf

Topic: Arts & Culture Capacity Building Module 2     12.8.2020
Passcode: uq&k?s7w

Topic: Arts & Culture Capacity Building Module 3       12.10.2020
Passcode: #xZFw8At


Slide Decks 

TechSoup Overview pdf

Fully Secured Loan presentation by Richard Linzer

Margaret Bau, Presentation on Co-ops


Additional websites and resources:

Richard Linzer Consulting:

CT Business and Industry Association:

AIR Institute

Local Initiatives Support Corporation:

Arts and Business Council of Boston:

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, Boston:

US Small Business Administration:  More Placemaking resources from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies


Notes from Presenters

From Lynne McCormack, LISC,

LISC white papers and research briefs:

LISC webinar series produced with the NEA in 2019.  The How to Do Creative Placemaking Webinars are the most useful:

LISC podcast series streaming on Apple, Spotify and Soundcloud;


From Ben Stone, Smart Growth America

Link to the A&TRR initiative, providing funding to transit agencies to hire artists to help with responses to COVID:


From Noemi Gispenz, Cooperative Development Institute

Noemi’s slides: My slides are publicly viewable


*Also, as follow-up, the housing co-op for artists we worked with in CT was Alderhouse Residential Communities, Inc. 363 Main Street, Suite 505, Middletown, CT 06457


From Margaret Bau, USDA

Artists Cooperative, a gallery in downtown Stevens Point, WI

Stocksy Cooperative – a platform co-op of photographers and videographers