Medieval Inspired Watercolors with ShawnaLee

Medieval Inspired Watercolor Class with ShawnaLee! Learn drawing & painting skills to re-create a treasured illumination from the past!


Three Kings Day Musical After School Program

This program tells the story of the Neighborhoods of Waterbury through theater, music, dance, and visual arts. Find your voice in the chorus of history....

Fall Acting Intensives 2022

Highlighting the history as communities. Each student will describe their favorite experience, which will become a short script. All of our short scripts will be...

Drawing I & II Workshop

Through fun and practical drawing assignments, learn alongside others a set of foundational skills that allow you to explore art on your own.


Current Events with Professor Hunt

Attend lectures that consider the possibilities for positive and negative changes in politics, economics, and social and cultural institutions.

$60.00 – $90.00

Step by Step Acrylic Painting Class

Painters of all levels will learn value studies of provided reference photos, which become the layout for their work.

$295.00 – $320.00

Independent Acrylic Open Studio

Students can work at their own pace with the guidance of the instructor in a warm non-judgmental environment.

$65.00 – $295.00

My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy!

Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, prepare to join Steve Solomon on stage in his new, updated and funnier than ever: My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy. More than twenty wacky characters– brought to life by Steve’s talent with accents, dialects and hilarious story-telling in this side splitting one-man show.

$35 – $45

Poetry Forms and Themes

Explore different poetry forms, themes, and techniques, read examples, and write and discuss our own poems.


Intro to Acting for Teens with City Youth Theater

Teens are invited to join Eric Clinton of City Youth Theater for a three week acting class on Saturday mornings.  Students will foster acting skills through ensemble...


The Emperor’s New Clothes

LCT at the Thomaston Opera House presents "The Emperor's New Clothes" on November 5th & 6th!


Natural Wreath Making

Looking for the perfect item to grace your entryway or a gift to give this holiday season? Learn how to make the easiest ever wreath...

$18 – $24

Author talk with Mark Hehl

Much has been documented about the experiences of immigrants after they arrived in North America during the mass migration period from 1880 to 1920.  There...


The Emperor’s New Clothes

LCT at Thomaston Opera House presents "The Emperor's New Clothes" on November 5th & 6th!