Foundations of Oil Painting with Arts Escape

Practice with a series of small color studies and create an oil painting based on a palette of your choice in a warm, supportive environment.


Three Kings Day Musical After School Program

This program tells the story of the Neighborhoods of Waterbury through theater, music, dance, and visual arts. Find your voice in the chorus of history....

Fall Acting Intensives 2022

Highlighting the history as communities. Each student will describe their favorite experience, which will become a short script. All of our short scripts will be...

Drawing I & II Workshop

Through fun and practical drawing assignments, learn alongside others a set of foundational skills that allow you to explore art on your own.


Current Events with Professor Hunt

Attend lectures that consider the possibilities for positive and negative changes in politics, economics, and social and cultural institutions.

$60.00 – $90.00

2ND ACT: Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown, the recently retired director of student services at UCONN Waterbury, has had a zeal for theater since seeing the original production of Grease in 1973. Over the years this passion has led him to becoming a theater critic in Connecticut and New York, and now the operator of a 24/7 online Broadway radio station,, founded in March 2019.